Family-School Connection

You are welcome here anytime!
We pride ourselves on being a community to all.

  • Home Visits-Enjoy meeting your child’s teacher at your home before school even begins. Meeting in this comfortable environment for your child enhances the personal relationship between them and their teacher.

  • Visit the classroom, either scheduled or unannounced.

  • Join in class activities or share your interests and traditions.

  • Read the PCNS Announcements emails and the weekly classroom updates to stay in touch.

  • Attend twice yearly parent teacher conferences.

  • Engage in informal conversations with the teachers at drop-off and pick-up times.

  • Volunteer as a board member, a room parent, or a committee member.

  • Join other members of the Pilgrim community making donuts at the farmers’ market or decorating the gym for the annual Cookie Walk.

  • Attend your child’s class spring tea where you will enjoy refreshments and songs.

  • Read a book to the class.